The university employs a letter system for grading, which was revised in Fall of 1988 to include the “+” and “-” scheme. The letter grade is converted to grade points for use in calculating grade point average, a measure of overall academic performance.

Letter grade:   Grade points:
A+   4.0
A Excellent 4.0
A-   3.7
B+   3.3
B Good 3.0
B-   2.7
C+   2.3
C Satisfactory 2.0
C-   1.7
D+ Poor 1.3
D Minimal Pass 1.0
F Failure 0.0
WF Withdrawal/Fail 0.0


Note: The Withdrawal/Failure Designation was effective from May 1, 1992 to April 30, 2010. It was assigned when a student withdrew from a course but had already reached the legislated maximum number of individual course withdrawals.

Non-grade Designations:
AU - Audit
AI - Administrative Incomplete
I - Incomplete
W - All withdrawals
X - May be either Continuing or Permanent
CR - Credit
NC - Non-credit
P - Pass


Refer to Part 4 - Academic Regulations, Policies and Program Requirements in the University of Lethbridge Calendar for more information on the grading system and non-grade designations.