Credit Course: A course that, if successfully completed, may be credited to a University of Lethbridge degree, diploma or certificate. A semester course typically is worth three credit hours.

Section: A student or students formally organized for instruction in a specific course offering. A course offering may consist of more than one type of section. For example, one offering may include a lecture, laboratory and/or tutorial.

Level: The academic level of a course indicated by the course number. 1000 level courses include those numbered 1000 to 1999; 2000 level, those numbered from 2000 to 2999, etc.

"Undergraduate" level courses would typically include those courses numbered less than 5000.

"Graduate" level courses typically include those numbered from 5000 to 6999.

“Post Graduate” level courses typically include those numbered from 7000 to 8999.

Applied Studies: An Applied Study course provides an opportunity for students to gain University course credit for volunteer or employment experience.

Independent Studies: An Independent Study course may be taken for credit within or outside of a student’s major, or in an interdisciplinary mode. Registration in an Independent Study requires the consent of an instructor to guide the study, and approval by the appropriate department and/or the Dean’s Office. Independent Study courses are intended to expand a student’s program beyond the limits of the regular curriculum and do not duplicate regular course offerings.

Undergraduate Thesis: Students who complete the 6 credit hour Undergraduate Thesis course with a minimum grade of B+ and deliver an oral presentation on their research project will earn an Honours Thesis designation on their transcripts and degree parchments. Registration in an Undergraduate Thesis course requires the establishment of a Supervisory Committee, approval by the appropriate department/program co-ordinator and approval by the appropriate Dean’s Office. The Undergraduate Thesis course is intended for students who have demonstrated an interest in and an aptitude for experimental research. This course may be of special interest to those students planning to pursue graduate studies.