Credit Course: A course that, if successfully completed, may be credited to a University of Lethbridge degree, diploma, or certificate. A semester course typically is worth three credit hours.

Section: A student or students formally organized for instruction in a specific course offering. A course offering may consist of more than one type of section. For example, one offering may include a lecture, laboratory, and/or tutorial.

Course Level: The academic level of a course indicated by the course number. 1000-level courses include those numbered from 1000 to 1999; 2000-level courses include those numbered from 2000 to 2999; etc.

Undergraduate-level courses typically include those courses numbered less than 5000.
Master’s-level courses typically include those numbered from 5000 to 6999.
Doctoral-level courses typically include those numbered from 7000 to 8999.

Placeholder: A placeholder course either enables students not registered in credit courses to maintain active student status in their program or enables students registered elsewhere to maintain continuing student status for registration purposes. No credit hours are attached to placeholder courses.