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Alcohol and Sex
Because alcohol impairs judgement and motor skills, it is very difficult to practice smart sex when you have been drinking. In fact, alcohol is a major barrier to practicing smart sex. Even if you have the presence of mind to use a condom, you'll be much less likely to use it correctly and therefore face a high risk of condom failure.

Alcohol is often a contributing factor in sexual assault - especially acquaintance sexual assault. When drinking, your chances of being sexually assaulted may be unintentionally increased. As alcohol dulls your senses and judgement you may miss or ignore danger signals and not trust your intuition. A study of college undergraduates showed that both male and female students perceive women who drink alcohol as being sexually available. A perpetrator may even buy a person drinks to make them an easier victim.
Drinking may also increase the risk of committing sexual assault. Drinking makes some people become less inhibited and more aggressive, missing signals to stop sexual advances. Some people believe - wrongly - that they are not accountable for their actions when they are drunk. Intoxication is not a defense for rape or engaging in violent and dangerous activity; legally, you will be held responsible for your actions.The Criminal Code of Canada states that having sex with a person who is passed out or too impaired to give voluntary consent is sexual assault.

It is reported that 80% of all sexual assaults and regrettable sexual encounters, were preceded by drinking. This reckless behaviour also increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STD's and AIDS.

Last Updated: January 11,2005

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