Alcohol Awareness
First Aid

This is important and can save lives.
Here are the do's and don'ts.

• Look out for people. Make sure if they've gone to lie down, that it's in a safe place.

• Make certain they're breathing and their mouth is empty.

• Put them in the recovery position - if they pass out and vomit, they won't choke.

• Stay with the intoxicated person and wake them frequently. If Alcohol levels continue to rise the person may become unconscious.

• Call an ambulance if they stop breathing or can't stop throwing up.

• Start CPR if breathing stops or find someone with first aid training immediately to do it for you.
• Never ignore someone who is having a bad time or is sick.

• Don't give the person a cold shower; the shock of the cold could cause unconsciousness.

• Don't give the semiconscious person food or fluids (not even water) It could cause vomiting, choking or aspiration.

• Never leave someone alone if they've passed out.

• Don't panic. Even if things aren't going to plan, try to stay calm.

Here's how to put a friend into the recovery position:

1. Raise his or her closest arm above their head. Prepare to roll the person towards you.
2. Gently roll as a unit. Guard the head as you roll the person.
3. Tilt head to maintain airway. Tuck nearest hand under cheek to help maintain head tilt.
4. Check on the person often. If you have any concerns that your friend may be suffering acute alcohol poisoning, get medical help immediately.


Last Updated: January 11,2005

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